Social Media

Reach the right people

An intelligent social media program can increase consideration and purchase intent from potential customers or clients. Additionally, social media endorsements greatly influence product trials.

As social media becomes more prevalent in everyday life and more relevant to all types of companies and firms, including professional-services firms, we’re increasingly hearing questions like: “Is social media for me? Should my firm be on Facebook, Twitter, should we have a blog, etc.?” There is no one-size-fits-all solution. When asked these questions, we take a deep dive into our clients’ businesses and develop customized solutions to help them achieve their specific goals.

Here’s the playbook, play-by-play

  • Establish clear objectives and success metrics
  • Create a unifying concept or theme
  • Construct your social marketing architecture
  • Develop a plan for monitoring and responding to consumer discussions
  • Roll out an integrated earned and paid media promotional plan
  • Nurture your fans and community
  • Measure against objectives and optimize continuously

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